Dope Cats

The Solana collection you've been waiting for... 


Dope Cats 

A collection of the DOPEST NFTs on the Solana network! We aim to set the new standard for upcoming Solana projects. We're on a mission to become #1. Once you're in the Dope Club. YOU'RE IN. Merch - Exclusive Events - Giveaways - Competitions - FREE Airdrops - Future Utility. Dope Cats is run by a dedicated team with a long term vision to make this one of the OGs on Solana.

Stay Dope.

Road Map


The Beginning...

Minting will begin. 10,000 Unique Dope Cats will be brought to life. A new era is born.

During The Mint...

During the minting process: Random lucky minters will receive a free Dope Cat NFT airdropped to their wallet. We'll also be giveaways in the Discord for members!



Marketplaces & Raritymon

You'll be able to trade Dope Cats on the secondary markets by using SOL NFT marketplaces and Check out how rare your Dope Cat is on Raritymon straight after launch! 

Floor Is Dope

While we aim to bring value to our holders in many ways, having a strong floor will be our foundation, and we are committed to making sure it stays DOPE. We'll be using a portion of the royalties for random floor sweeps (swept Cats  will be airdropped to diamond hand holders) and continuous marketing.




We'll be launching the DOPEST merch you've ever seen exclusively for our holders!

Free NFT Airdrop

By holding a Dope Cat NFT you'll be receiving another DOPE NFT airdropped straight to your wallet. Stay tuned... 


Roadmap 2.0

Once we've established ourselves Roadmap 2.0 will be put together with the community and strongly centered around adding utility and more value to Dope Cats. We will continue to grow and expand for years to come.




Which Network Will Dope Cats Be Launching On?

We’ve chosen to launch on Solana due to the low transaction fees and the vibrant up and coming NFT community that is growing over here. More importantly we hope to set the new standard for projects on Solana, we intend for Dope Cats to be the biggest brand on SOL and bring a level of professionalism and long term approach that other projects after us will have to match.

When will we be able to mint?

Mid December 2021.

How much will it cost to mint a Dope Cat?

Each Dope Cat will cost 1 SOL to mint.

How many Dope Cats will there be?

There will be 10,000. After all of them are minted no more will ever exist.

What Happens If We Don't Sell Out?

We'll shut off the mint and Dope Cats will have a shortened supply. If any are unminted they will be burned forever.





Founder / Dev


CM / Dev